Location, Location, Location? Not Entirely!

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When I first heard the words “location, location, location,” coming from a real estate broker, it was early in my career and I thought, “Now how clever is that? That about sums it up.”  But that catchy phrase does NOT sum it. The truth is that you may have the best strategic location for a given project, but if all of the pieces of the puzzle don’t come together, then your community is not the right choice after all.

If a manufacturing client, for example, wants an existing 100,000-square-foot building with 32-footing ceilings and you don’t have anything close to it, then you are not in the running.  A different client may request a 50-acre certified site where all the proper due diligence has been performed so that they can hit the ground running on a fast-track basis. If you don’t have it, the customer is going to look elsewhere. Even if you have a great building or a site that matches the client’s needs perfectly, there may be one factor that is completely out of your control, which invariably gets your community scratched. It’s a cruel world and makes this job really interesting.   

As a location investigator, constantly connecting the dots for clients, I can tell you that the site selection process transcends location alone. So many factors are at work, which is why companies should not try to do this on their own. Reach out to us, or a local commercial real estate broker, to understand the lay of  the land literally and figuratively.   


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